• Passengers often bring alcohol home as souvenirs or gifts. Be sure to learn the basics of alcohol flying before you pack that bottle of vino in your carry-on. If you are still searching for a flight, please give Flight search on Give it a try while you’re still here.
  • For basic information on alcohol and flight restrictions, please read the following. The TSA has a definitive statement about what alcohol you can bring on a flight.

Can I take alcohol on a flight?

  • As long as you’re not under the legal drinking age, passengers can carry alcohol on flights. Alcohol must be in its original unopened container.

Is it allowed to bring alcohol on board the plane?

  • You can bring alcohol onto the plane if it is not opened and has a proof of 140 or less. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, anything more than 140 proof is forbidden. These items are not allowed on an airplane.

What can I take?

  • The amount of alcohol you can bring on board a flight will depend on whether you have checked your bottles or carried them along.
  • You will be subject to the Transportation Security Administration’s 3-1-1 liquid limit if you take alcohol in your carry-on. Containers should weigh no more than 3.4 ounces and be smaller than a quart.
  • Your alcohol content will determine the limits you can carry in your checked bag. The FAA states that there is no limit on the amount of alcohol you can carry in your checked baggage if it contains less than 24 percent alcohol (generally beer or wine). The FAA restricts passengers to five liters if the alcohol by volume is between 24 and 70%.
  • Each country has its own rules regarding alcohol and flight restrictions. For example, U.S. Customs only allows 1 liter of alcohol to enter the United States duty-free. If you plan to exceed the legal limit of 5 liters, you must pay duty and taxes on the four other bottles. Kuwait and other countries prohibit passengers from transporting alcohol within their countries. Before you bring alcohol to a destination, make sure you check the laws.

Can I buy alcohol at an airport duty-free shop and take it with me on board?

  • You can usually take alcohol purchased in duty-free shops on board the plane. However, you will only be allowed to travel with you some of the ways home. You will need to check in at a TSA security checkpoint if you are connecting flights. Your bags will be subject to carry-on restrictions. Anything exceeding the limit of 3.4 ounces must go in your checked baggage. This can be frustrating if you are on a layover and need access to your bags to check your alcohol. You will need to claim your luggage and recheck it if you are re-entering the U.S. after a domestic flight. To ensure safety, make sure you purchase your duty-free alcohol at your last airport before you arrive at your destination.

Is it possible to drink onboard?

  • We understand it. Sometimes, a stiff beverage is all you need to get through a 12-hour redeye. This might be the reason flight attendants can offer alcohol, but they are the only ones that can.
  • Federal regulations prohibit you from opening your own alcohol bottle on a flight or consuming alcohol that wasn’t directly served to a flight attendant. Your flight attendants are essentially on bartender duty and must keep your drinks safe. It can quickly get hideous if you start pounding on mini bottles and chase them with sips from your flask every time a flight attendant approaches. Does no one want to be trapped in an airplane cabin with this passenger ( Kristen Wiig’s famous flight scene in “Bridesmaids,” anybody? Keep to the instructions of your flight attendants, and don’t open your bag until you reach your destination.

What should I pack for alcohol?

  • A pile of wine-soaked clothing or shards of alcohol is the last thing anyone wants to find when they open their suitcase. Proper packing will ensure that your alcohol arrives safely at home, whether you are bringing back expensive wine, exotic spirits, or local beer.
  • Start with unopened bottles. Place the bottle in a plastic bag. The bag will contain any alcohol that might break and prevent it from spilling onto your belongings. Wrap the bottle with a plastic bag to provide extra cushioning during the trip. You can wrap the bottle with towels, sweaters, and pants, or even shirts. They will protect the bottle from bumps, and bruises, and absorb any alcohol that makes it past the plastic bag. To ensure that your bottle doesn’t fall off the baggage conveyor, place it in the middle of your suitcase.
  • You can also purchase products such as the padded JetBag to ensure that your alcohol is safe and secure on flights. You can check with your airline to find out if the packaging is available if you are in a pinch at the airport. Southwest Airlines offers wine and alcohol packaging starting at $5

What should I bring back?

  • You can only bring back a tiny amount of alcohol. This means you can avoid buying sub-par spirits, or bottles that are readily available back home. You can get back whatever you like, but spirits that are authentic to the area might be a good choice. You might choose the soju liquor or shochu from East Asia. A bottle of local ice wine from British Columbia or Europe might be a good gift. While a bottle from an Australian boutique winery or South Africa might make a great gift, a bottle from the same region might work well. While you are in Europe, why not take a bottle of Maraschino liqueur with you? Get a Maraschino liqueur straight from the source.
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