Sparkling Rose: 6 Bottles to Try and What You Need to Know

How can you make your wine-tasting experience more enjoyable at home by looking? You can open a bottle of sparkling rose. These sparkling roses are great for adding a bubbly flavor to your drink without the need for celebration. Not all sparkles are created equal. Sparkling rose is similar to nonrose bottlings. It comes in many styles and is made from a few grape varieties from different regions worldwide in a wide range of sweetness levels. 

What foods go well with Sparkling Rose?

Sparkling rose is a versatile wine that can pair with food. Its fruit-forwardness and lack of tannins make it a great choice for pairing food. These versatile bottles will go well with everything, from appetizers and barbecue favorites to dessert and even dessert.

Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose Champagne (Mareuil-sur-Ay [Montagne de Reims], Champagne, France)

This is the Champagne you need to have. This iconic bottle is a favorite of both industry professionals and consumers alike. The wine is made from Champagne’s holy trinity of grape varieties–chardonnay, pinot noir, and pinot Meunier–and shows flavors of fresh strawberries, apple, and biscuit. It can be enjoyed with fruit-based desserts or sushi.

Bottex Bugey Cerdon NV (Bugey, France)

This bright, balanced bottle of bubbles will satisfy your sweet tooth. The hidden-gem appellation Bugey, which is often found in France’s less popular regions, produces some of the most delicious, affordable and easy-to-drink bottles of sweet bubbles. This lively bottle is made from a mixture of Gamay, poulsard, and the method ancestral. It has flavors of ripe raspberries and candied strawberries. It’s a pleasant way to end a meal with dessert foods or simply by sipping it.

Champagne Laherte Freres “Rose de Meunier” NV (Chavot [Coteaux Sud d’Epernay], Champagne, France)

Are you looking for something unique and well-made to elevate your next home party? This delicious bottle of grower champagne is a perfect choice. This fruit-driven bubbles bottle is made entirely from Pinot Meunier, an uncommon find in Champagne. You can expect flavors of grapefruit rind, sour cherries and chalk to give you a long-lasting, thirst-quenching finish.

Jousset “Exile” Petillant Naturel Rose (Montlouis-sur-Loire, Loire Valley, France)

This energy-packed pet-nat is for you if you enjoy wines that are fruit-driven and fresh. This sparkling sparkler, made from biodynamically grown Gamay roots in clay and chalk soils, is easy to enjoy. The refreshing, dry finish results from the flavors of strawberry, bananas and grapefruit rind. Do not be alarmed by the appearance of the wine. This is because the wine has not been disgorged. This means that the wine has retained the sediment from its winemaking process

Loimer Brut Rose (Langenlois [Kamptal], Austria)

Fred Loimer’s sekt rose is a unique bottle of sparkling pink. This blend of pinot noir and Zweigelt wine is made from biodynamically grown fruit from Austria’s famous Kamptal region. It has flavors of fresh-cut herbs, cherries, and strawberries. The traditional method is used to produce the wine. It is then aged on the lees for 18 months before being disgorged. Finally, it is bottled with a low amount.

Raventos I Blanc de Nit Brut Rose (Sant Sadurni d’Anoia [Catalonia], Spain)

Are you a fan of cava? This pink-hued expression calls your name. This traditional blend of Macabeo and parellada is made from biodynamically grown fruit in the heart of Catalonia. It has vibrant flavors of red and white stone fruits and fresh-cut herbs. It is aged for 18 months before being disgorged.


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