How do you quit drinking??

A person with an alcohol problem does not necessarily have an alcohol abuse disorder (AUD). There are many harmful drinking habits, such as binge and heavy drinking.

Find Your Why?

There is a reason why you have decided to stop or reduce your workload. Keep it in your mind and write it down. You can boost your motivation by keeping the “why”: better relationships, better health, or weight loss.

Make a plan

Do not just say you are going to quit or scale back. Write down the steps you will take to get there. When will you start? Who will you tell about this decision? What should you do if you make a wrong decision? You can use this guide to help you move forward.

Take note of the positives.

You’ll have clearer skin and better sleep if you cut down on alcohol consumption. This will also help you feel happier. People who stop drinking can also lose weight. No matter how small, celebrate the victories along the way.


Your body might experience detox if you were a heavy drinker. It is normal to feel restless, anxious, grumpy, sweat a lot, or restless and irritable. These symptoms typically disappear within five to seven days. Keep your doctor informed if you experience serious symptoms such as vision problems, confusion, high blood pressure, or visions.

Use a guideline

Start with a daily limit to reduce the amount of alcohol you consume each week. According to the federal government’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans, you should not drink at all. However, it recommends limiting your intake to one for women and two for men per day. Talk to your doctor about what that goal might look like for you.

Make a script

Drinking is social. It’s common to be offered a drink. You should know how to say “no thank you” before going. If someone asks, practice what you might say to give a follow-up explanation.

Pinpoint your Triggers

There are places, people, or events that can be influenced by drinking. It could make it more difficult to adhere to your plan if you are around them. Avoid them if you can. If this is not possible, tell someone about your desire to drink. Please don’t be ashamed of it. To remind yourself why you quit drinking, text or call a friend.

Share your goals

Tell your trusted friends and family about your plans to stop drinking or reduce alcohol consumption. It can be helpful to let those close to you know that you won’t be drinking if they are aware. You might even find it helpful to spend some time with non-drinkers so that you can support one another.

Find stand-ins

Social activities are often dominated by drinking. Try new hobbies if you have trouble with the things you used to do. You can join a gym, learn new skills, or find sober social networks you enjoy.

Keep going

It takes effort and time to change habits. Don’t lose heart if you fail to reach your goals. Restart the day. Learn from your mistakes, and move on.

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